Editing proofreading and writing services

What iEdit offers you

We are a team of experienced editors, trainers and English language professionals. We edit and perfect dissertations, articles or business communications so that the language is appropriate and meets the highest standards.

We prepare documents for publication from planning, writing, editing, proofreading to design and typesetting.

We understand the challenges of using style guides, getting footnotes and references correct, and styling and formatting documents to give them the professional edge they need.

We have all been involved in education and have taught English as a first and first additional language at schools and universities to students of multicultural and multilingual backgrounds. We understand the difficulties faced by teachers, lecturers, learners and students, and we offer handholding and mentoring.

We have experience in the business world, and we edit or write proposals, reports and presentations.

If you want more than editing and writing, we can offer expert support, face-to-face, or on Skype, Facebook or by email.

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